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Attendance Tracking & Calendar

Each Chapter gets a calendar. The calendar is used to schedule events, set RSVP availability, track attendance and show the locations of those such events. The attendance tracking software is based on the popular points based system most chapters use.

Dues Management

Chapters can manage their dues collections with TGreek. Your Chapter can track each payment of each member month by month. You can waive payments, manage payments and remove those payments. You can view in/out going payments, view how much is still required and sent notifications to those requiring payment. Your members can even pay through TGreek!

Document Repository

Each chapter gets their own document repository. This is the place to store all your important chapter documents that every member has access to. We give you a full 5GBs of space to start storing any document you want. Each document can also be commented on with the comments being saved directly in TGreek.

Groups, Teams and Committees

Feel free to seperate your members out in groups within TGreek. Have a few committees, teams and steering committees? They can communicate with each other at TGreek. Having their own forums for each group greatly enhances their ability to communicate effectively.


Each Chapter has their own personal forums. They can communicate within the chapter about anything pretaining to Greeks in general.

Roster Management

Manage your chapters roster. View contact information, pictures, stats. Its all here including public player profiles as well as chapter profiles.

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