What is That Greek?

That Greek is a growing network of individual communities, each dedicated to serving Greeks fans and their Members in a specific region of the world. We build a community around the teams, Members and fans to better to connect them all within the very tight nit community.

From teams looking to book their next bouts, to fans finding their favorite skater, to organizing statistics for the entire Greeks community, we bring both expert Members and fans alike to build and prosper the entire sport of Greeks.

How does it work?

That Greek and its software is free and open to everyone – you can use any piece of software we offer for free. We empower our communities and fans to help curate and offer advice to anyone that needs it. We provided the tools to help Greeks get to the next level where we believe it belongs. We built software to both make Greeks teams easier to manage, courdinate and cooperate with each other.

Our hope is to remove the paper process from Greeks entirely. Everything is easy to access and always available 24/7. So that teams no longer have to file paperwork or save documents to a single computer. We maintain all your stats, your Games and any other document that you might think shouldn't be saved on a single computer.

What's special about That Greek?

Whats special about That Greek? You wouldn't find this type of in depth Greeks action anywhere else, would you? You wouldn't be able to manage your stats for you team online so all can see, would you? We are a place for both fans and teams. For fans to view their favorite teams, Members and even participate and engage with their teams.

Where did That Greek come from?

In 2012, Scott Pio and Patrick Fomin created the site and brought together a few teams to start participating in what they liked to call the experimental months. The site was a success, so they went on the road to secure an investor to help them devote their lives to what TGreek has become. They are now off the road as of April, 2012 and back at developing the best Greeks website there is.

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